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My Approach

"Patience, perspective, integrity, a sense of humour and the ability to analyse data with context are the most prominent qualities of an exemplary sales consultant. Residential real estate transactions can be stressful for many reasons, and one of a sales consultants most salient roles is to listen to what people need and keep things calm."

Bent Henry Real Estate Agent Tauranga

About Brent

Landing on the moon is no small feat, nor is exposing your property to the market using all the possible tools to achieve your property’s highest price possible. It will require the services of a genuine real estate and business professional with a proven track record.

Brent Henry Real Estate

Brent has vast knowledge in the residential and commercial real estate industry and is a successful property developer, renovator and investor. From his experience, he has a matrix type ability to see negotiations from both the vendors and purchasers perspectives, making deals fall together seamlessly.

Brent Henry Real Estate

Brent has also built a reputation for being a competent businessman, having recently sold a ground-up built business with over 600 active clients and built another to 300 active clients in only 12 months. These businesses were predominately built using modern marketing tactics, including social media, that many agents don’t fully grasp or take advantage of, which can be detrimental to their vendor’s bottom line.

Brent Henry Real Estate Brent Henry Real Estate
Brent Henry Real Estate Brent Henry Real Estate

Brent loves the Bay Of Plenty; he is a well-known face around the Mount, Papamoa and Tauranga, whether you see him going up Pap hills, walking around the Mount, at the gym or in the surf waiting for a set. Feel free to say hi; he loves a good yarn, especially if it involves property!

Brent Henry Real Estate

When Nasa invested billions into space exploration and building the rocket that first landed on the moon, did they then send any old person who could jump in a spacesuit? Hell no! They sent the tried and true, the best of the best! Your home is often the most significant financial investment you ever make, be wise, my friends and let Brent take off, navigate, then land that ship for you.


Work with Brent

Would you like a chat about the current state of the housing market and how it relates to your property specifically? Are you looking to buy? Or are you after a no-obligation free appraisal on your property? Whatever the goal is, I would love to catch up, shout you a coffee and hear all about it! From there, I can help you devise the best plan moving forward to attain your desired outcome.

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At times I get inundated with current business commitments, and signed agreements are my primary focus, as will be the case with your property if we work together. Still, your query is very important to me, and I will get back to you. ASAP!

Brent Henry Real Estate Agent Tauranga